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2007 West Suburban Home Show

Main Stage Schedule

Saturday, March 10, 2007

11:00 – Revovating your Lawn – Kevin O’Neil
11:30 – Designing with Annuals – Kevin O’Neil
12:00 – Homework With Jim Engler – Your Environmentally “Green” Home
12:30 – Homework With Jim Engler – Your Revitalized “Old” Home
1:00 – Matt from Matt and Sheri
3:30 – Top Ten Decorating Mistakes & How to Correct Them – What a Lovely Home

Sunday, March 11, 2007

12:00 – Homework With Jim Engler – Your Environmentally “Green” Home
12:30 – Homework With Jim Engler – Your Revitalized “Old” Home
1:00 - Matt from Matt and Sheri
3:30 – Top Ten Decorating Mistakes & How to Correct Them – What a Lovely Home
4:00 – Feng Shui – Kristine Pagsuyoin

An "Environmentally 'Green' House"

Safe, natural carpets...wool or cotton, but also synthetics can be environmentally acceptable...
it has to do with vapors emitted, and re-cycled products are now equally controlled to protect the internal environment.

Hard-Surface" Flooring:
Environmentally safe flooring can include

Cork. A sustainable natural "tree-bark" product that is famous for it's longevity, and resilience.

Clay Tile.  Again, a natural product that is good for it's impervious nature, and organic origins.

Re-cycled glass tile products  Looks great and has no volatile compounds!

Wood Flooring, especially heart pine, and products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (“FSC”). 

Linoleum.  Linoleum has the natural anti-bacterial properties,,, it is often used in areas where hygienic conditions are very important (like hospitals, kitchens, bathrooms)

(These products all make a big difference in indoor air quality) 

The best and safest paint products have to do with the fumes emitted, so low "VOC"  (volatile organic compound) paints, that have little or no odor or fumes, are the best choice for comfort and health!  Paint and wallpaper stripper products are also available with non-carcinogenic ingredients (that were not available in the past) include natural citrus based products, that are not only effective, but more comfortable and easier to use than the more toxic stripper products of the past.  Lead Paint in older homes presents a potential health hazard when renovating homes.  Test kits are available at most hardware stores to determine whether lead is present in your home.

New products made from sheep’s wool are available (Whisper Wool) for home insulation as well as flooring underlayment. 

Always be sure to check your attic for condensation, which can lead to harmful mold growth.  Adequate ventilation is very important. 

Asbestos insulation can be harmful.  If you suspect asbestos is in your home, check with a professional concerning abatement. 

Countertop materials that have no measurable formaldehyde off-gassing are also available. Look to products, again that are all-natural


Clay tile


A newer product called "paper-stone", which is made with re-cycled paper and cashew nut oil, and is also a cost effective, "green" product, (and, --"FSC" approved!) 

Again, natural products are best

Baking soda


Citrus based products

Bleach is also a safe, natural, salt-based product and great for all anti-bacterial needs, (but in small diluted portions, since it can be caustic).

Remember that electric appliances are always more environmentally safe than gas... and anything that has a detectable odor is suspect in terms of your health and home!   Two more important concerns are:

  • Radon.  Testing for radon (an odorless gas) and abatement is important to maintain an environmentally safe home.  Radon has been linked to lung cancer and other health problems.
  • Mold.  Harmful mold growth (found frequently in basements, bathrooms and other damp areas) has also be linked health problems, especially respiratory problems.  Adequate ventilation and anti-bacterial cleaning are important tools in the fight against mold. 
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are, of course, important safety devices in any home to prevent death.

Please be more safe than sorry, and our “question line” is always ready to advise on your environmental issues!  Contact us at, for any thoughts, questions or comments on this subject!

"Your Revitalized Old Home "

1. Electrical Issues:

A. Federal Pacific electrical boxes – need to upgrade & change;

B. Upgrading electrical service from;

C. Adding additional outlets in rooms;

D. Adding dimmer switches;

E. Changing light fixtures;

F. GFCI – discuss need for ground wire

G. Discuss breaker switches, knob & tube wiring, overloading circuits
& use of extension cords

H. Exterior lighting & corrosion

2. Plumbing Issues:

A. High vs. low water consumption toilets;

B. Snaking old drains – cast iron soil stacks - problems

C. Joining black iron pipe to copper – problems involved

D. Adding bathrooms (especially first floor powder rooms)

E. Adding a dishwasher when there isn’t one already;

F. Adding a garbage disposal when there isn’t one already.

Extreme Home Makeovers with Jim Engler and THE HOME DEPOT – Discounts!  Giveaways!

Text Box:  THE HOME DEPOT has teamed up with Jim Engler to offer classes that can help YOU give your home an “extreme makeover,” and it gets better!  Register for a class, and THE HOME DEPOT will give you a 10% discount on a purchase up to $2,000.


At each class, THE HOME DEPOT will randomly draw a class participant’s name, and YOU could win merchandise valued between $25 and $50.  Register NOW.

All classes will be held from 7:00–9:00 p.m. at The Home Depot, 8199 Pearl Rd., Strongsville.

DON’T THROW THAT LAMP OUT! Learn Basic Electrical Repairs
Does the thought of working with electricity make you a little apprehensive?  Start with a simple rewire of one of your favorite lamps.  You might even feel confident enough to build your own lamp. Jim will have you changing switches, installing dimmers and ceiling fans and lights and so much more!
Tues. (1 night)  Feb. 6
Resident Fee: $25     Non-resident Fee: $29

Is that bathroom faucet still dripping?  Here’s your chance to learn some basic plumbing.  Jim will show you how simple plumbing repairs will not only save you some money, but also give you the confidence to do them.  You will learn how to clear a clogged drain, install a garbage disposal, stop a running toilet, and stop leaks all over the house!  In addition, find out how to keep your hot water heater in top shape.
Tues. (1 night)  Feb. 13
Resident Fee: $25    Non-resident Fee: $29

How would you like to learn the secrets the handymen know?  Find out how to repair broken windows, fix doors and windows that stick, install a deadbolt, and change doorknobs.  Jim will show you some small appliance repair, and talk about the tools and products that make being “handy” just dandy! 
Tues. (1 night)  Feb. 20
Resident Fee: $25      Non-resident Fee: $29

We’ve finally gotten Jim to share everything he knows about wallpaper and tile.  Jim’s seminar will help you learn the correct process for hanging wallpaper.  He will show you the process of removing old wallpaper, and how to repair and prep a wall for new paper.  Also, you will learn how to work in the corners, as well as overhangs, and how to measure for accurate buying.  When you think you can’t learn another thing, Jim will teach you all about tile.  You will learn the different types of tile, how to apply it, and the different surfaces to be used.  You will discuss layout, designs, and structure prep.  That room you have wanted to decorate can become a reality!
Tues. (1 night)  Feb. 27
Resident Fee: $25      Non-resident Fee: $29

Sign up for three classes, and receive $10 off your total registration fee.